Tianjin Museum of Industry, Tianjin, China


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Second place in the invited International Design Competition for the Tianjin Museum of Industry and City History.

The architectural concept of the Museum has been informed by two key factors: the prominent location of the site and the symbolic character of the building within the City of Tianjin.

The site is located on the junction of the Ziya River and South Canal, which forms a prow with the historic Monument commemorating construction of the new canal on its end.

Visitors will be able to experience the Museum not only by visiting its collection, but also will be able to walk along the building on the perimeter walkway located on the roof of the building. The walkway will be directly accessible from the water's edge boardwalk and will lead to the viewing platform located at the highest point of the Museum. By experiencing the views of the surrounding City of Tianjin architects are symbolically including the city skyline as one of the artifacts displayed in the Museum. In addition to experiencing city views visitors will be able to access a cafe located at the top of the building across from the Monument plaza.

  • design Voytek Gorczynski Architect
  • team Sam Shou, Trenton Lee, Liu Jie, B+H Consulting
  • cg Xie Lei
  • animation Liu Yuetao
  • gross fl. area 32,000 m2