World War II Museum, Gdaǹsk, Poland


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Entry in the open International Design Competition for the World War II Museum in Gdansk, Poland. 

The location of the site at the intersection of Motława river and Radunia canal gives the rare opportunity for an urban building to be perceived at both, the landscape scale and more intimate street scale. 

Building - billboard - a sign in the urban landscape informed the concept of the museum. 

Viewing platforms located at the highest point of the building afford views of the Westerplatte site - the place marking the beginning of World WarII.

  • team Voytek Gorczynski, Luke Andritsos, Melissa Mazik, Jan Pawlik, Maria Strulak
  • model Jacek Szymoniak JS Models
  • cg Tianyi Zhu, Jan Pawlik
  • gross fl. area 14,675 m2