Shanghai GM Headquarters, Shanghai, China


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In addition to the office space, the new Shanghai GM headquarters features an extensive exhibition and meeting facilities in eco-friendly building.

Located in Shanghai GM manufacturing compound in Pudong area, the new facility is situated next to the existing administrative building.

Conceptually its massing has been informed by the notion of two interlocking volumes - two universally opposing themes which need to be reconciled during every design process of many everyday objects such as a car or a building.

Function and form, practical versus esoteric, rational and irrational, the positive tension between two contrasting elements can provide a potent conceptual vehicle to generate unanticipated solutions.

  • design Voytek Gorczynski Architect
  • team Sam Shou, Leo Qui, Olivier Lopion, B+H Consulting
  • client Shanghai GM Co. Ltd.
  • proj. manager Mr. Xu Xiang
  • chief engineer Mr. Shen Wenyuan
  • local architect SIMEE
  • gross fl. area 20,000 m2
  • completion 2010