Petrovka Office Complex, Kiev, Ukraine


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The site is located in in Obolonski Administrative District in Kiev, about 11 km from city center. It borders with the major city highway Moskovska Ave. and manmade Iordanskoe lake. The program calls for office and retail space. 

The location of the site along the lake and the existing pedestrian circulation on the site generated the architectural concept for the complex. 

The main objective was to maintain public access to the lake and the existing main pedestrian link to the neighbouring large residential estate. 

The placement of the office buildings is dictated by view corridors from the office space. Large double height openings in the retail base provide public access to the shopping areas as well as maintain visibility and link to the lake behind.

  • design Voytek Gorczynski Architect
  • team Elmutaz Elrabaa, Charles Lee B+H Architects, Nicholas Mazilu
  • client Panorama Group
  • gross fl. area 118,000 m2