Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland


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Entry in the open International Design Competition for the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.

Building concept grew out of desire to create a form which is an extension of landscape - an urban hill for people to walk on and experience the surrounding city of Warsaw from different levels while still enjoying green areas in downtown core.

Visitors will be able to experience and interact with the building not only by visiting its collection but also walking along the walkway located on the perimeter of the roof of the museum. The walkway will originate in nearby Public Park and will enable alternative access to the museum. Sculpture garden located along the walkway on the green roof will be accessible all year long and will expand exhibition area beyond exhibition halls making it accessible to the passers by.

  • design Voytek Gorczynski Architect, Luke Andritsos
  • team Gabriela Savu, Jan Pawlik
  • model JS Models, Jacek Szymoniak
  • gross fl. area 25,000m2