MeiJiangNan Lake Development, Tianjin, China


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MeiJiangNan Lake residential development is a part of the larger master plan by San Francisco based EDAW.
It is the first of 11 satellite developments to be built around manmade lake in the suburb of Tiajin.

Very stringent local building code requirements governing the orientation and distances between buildings as well as the mandatory south facing location of living rooms influenced the master plan and its linear character. 

Multipurpose community centre building is located at the focal point of the master plan and becomes the crystallizing element of the development.
All residents have unrestricted access to the lake and the boardwalk running along water's edge.

  • design Voytek Gorczynski Architect, Liu Liang
  • team Sam Shou, Johnson Xie, Remy Mallari B+H Consulting
  • client Tianjin Song Jiang Real Estate Development Co. Ltd., Mr. Pan Wentao
  • local architect Tianjin JG Design Institute
  • project architect Mr. Guo Jian
  • Structural Ms. Yang Hong
  • gross fl. area 150,000 m2
  • completion 2005