Cobest Design Centre, Shanghai, China


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The Chinese character for the "Moon" in the standard version of Chinese script, was the origin of the figurative plan for the compound.

The rectilinear part of the building contains Design and Technical Centre, Canteen and Dressmaking Shop. More organic - free flowing form houses offices. Residual space between these two elements is composed of partially climate controlled interior and partially exterior landscaped area which provides backdrop for fashion shows and social gatherings. 

The building containing offices is clad in clear glass and metal curtain wall with dense sunshade layer placed on the south-facing exterior. The volume housing Design, Manufacturing and Technical Centre is clad in local stone.

  • design Voytek Gorczynski Architect
  • team Sam Shou, Johnson Xie, B+H Consulting
  • client Cobest, Ms. Zhu Weiqin
  • local architect Zhong Ke Design Institute
  • project architect Mr. Xu Zhenrong
  • Structural Mr. Liu Zhimao
  • Mech.& Elect. Mr. Sheng Shouhua
  • gross fl. area 22,000 m2
  • completion 2008