China Unicom Regional Headquarters, Wuhan, China


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The concept of the building has been based on the notion of connectivity and bridging. It is to emblematically reflect the main focus of the company activities - wireless communication. 

The massing consists of simple volumes interconnected with each other in two and three dimensions. Resulting inner courtyard is partially open to Jin Shan Road revealing reflecting pool and plaza visually connected to the landscape and existing lake nearby. 

The courtyard with water at the center act as extension of existing lake. The landscape between the inner plaza and lake has been designed with undulating topography to underscore their natural connection.

  • design Voytek Gorczynski Architect
  • team Sam Shou, Tantan Lee, Liu Jie, B+H Consulting
  • cg Ejoy CG
  • client China Unicom, Wuhan
  • gross fl. area 20,500 m2